Word of the Month: Excellence

Excellence is a word that sounds like a destination. But it’s not. It’s a process, an evolution. At Douvris Martial Arts we believe that pushing ourselves every day to be better than the day before is what will help us become the best we can be.

“When we’re talking about excellence, we’re really talking about effort,” Sensei Cody Diesbourg explains. “You don’t have to be the best at what you’re doing yet, but if you put in the effort that’s where you’re going to get to.”

In class we often ask our kids what kind of effort they need to put into their karate. The right answer is “Black Belt Effort”, and we want them to yell it out convincingly. The idea is to make it clear to them that they shouldn’t be looking to stay at whatever level they are now, but to show the kind of effort that will lead them to where they want to be.

“When we see black belts give to us or show us what it takes to be a black belt,” Sensei Cody adds, “then that really pushes us to push ourselves and have that effort in class to strive to be that black belt, to get to that next level.”

To help our students stay focused and motivated we use short-term and medium-term goals, as well as the long-term goal of becoming a black belt. Our curriculum is organized by belt level, and each one is further divided into smaller levels. When students achieve a particular level, they get a stripe on their belt to indicate that they’re ready to move on to the next step – until they are ready to test for their next belt. This not only helps children stay the course, but it also teaches them the importance of setting goals and of dividing big goals into small, manageable chunks – and that’s a lesson they can apply to other aspects of their lives.

What happens once you get your black belt? “The story’s not over,” Sensei Cody says. “That’s when you have to set your new goals. At Douvris Martial Arts we always teach our students that when you achieve your goals, there are other things out there that you can go for. And really the effort and the time you put in and everything you put into your classes, is where you’re going to achieve that excellence.”


Striving 4 Excellence


DOUVRIS Martial Arts strongly believes in developing the character of our students along with the martial arts skills we teach them. The Striving for Excellence character development program was developed with 40 years of experience in teaching children respect, confidence, and self-discipline. Striving for Excellence allows our members to discuss, practice, and apply character development traits in their lives. The program includes a Karate Kids Workbook and a Karate Tykes Colouring book which children complete each month at home. The lessons outlined in the workbook are designed to accompany the “Word of the Month” which instructors discuss with students during each class.

Our Karate Programs

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Karate Tykes

Our karate tykes program guides kids ages 4-6 through basic karate techniques and provides the foundation for important life skills.

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Our Kids program keeps children aged 7 to 12 active and helps balance & coordination, concentration, and self-discipline.

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Our Youth program is designed for teens 13-18 years of age. It is a complete approach to training in the martial arts.

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