DOUVRIS Kemptville has an approach to karate, fitness, and leadership that is unique in the region.

Sensei Earl and his team are members of the Kemptville community and leaders in karate.


Master Sensei Earl Horvath

Master Sensei Earl is a 5th-degree black belt with over 20 years of experience teaching karate. He joined DOUVRIS in 1992 and was trained by Master Senseis John and Peter Douvris. He has competed on the Canadian karate team, Team Canada, and is a current World Karate Championship coach for that team. He was inducted into the North Grenville Sports Hall of Fame for his contributions to and achievements in sport.

In addition to training in, teaching, and coaching karate, Master Earl also enjoys running and kayaking. His personal hero is Terry Fox, and DOUVRIS Kemptville supports the annual Terry Fox run.


Sensei Ray Richards

Sensei Ray Richards is a 5th-degree Black Belt. He began practicing karate at DOUVRIS over 20 years ago and has never looked back.

He complements his karate practice with running, participating in 10Ks and half marathons.


Sensei George Gorrell

Sensei George has practiced karate for 15 years, and is proud that all six of his family members are black belts. He promotes and lives an active lifestyle that includes biking and canoeing.

His favourite thing about teaching karate is watching other families begin and continue with karate.

Sensei Gorrell is a professional geologist and fellow of the Geological Association of Canada.


Sensei Emily Richards

Sensei Emily Richards is a 2nd-degree black belt who has been attending Douvris since she was 4, it is a family affair for her as both her parents and sisters are black belts. As well as teaching, Sensei Emily enjoys competing in tournaments. She is a member of the WKC Canadian National team.

In addition to Karate, Sensei Emily enjoys biking and paddleboarding.


Sensei Sierra Vergette

Sensei Sierra Vergette is a Black Belt who has been with Douvris Kemptville since she was 9 years old. Sierra loves competing and has been successful in many local, national and international tournaments. Including winning gold for sparring at the WKC world karate championships.

Outside of Karate Sensei Sierra enjoys wresting, she is a 2-time provincial champion.