Compassion: How It Can Help You and Others


What exactly is compassion? Dictionary-wise, compassion is loosely defined as; a strong feeling of sympathy for others, and a deep willingness to help them. To many though, it is much more than that. Compassion is unique in that it can be both a tangible and intangible thing. That means that it can be something you can be demonstrated both physically, and mentally. In trying times, especially in recent months, acts of compassion are deeply important in our community. The real question is, how does showing compassion help?

How Compassion Can Help You and Others

The results of showing compassion are two-fold, and in both ways, have a great impact on our community and society. First and foremost, showing compassion can have an incomparable effect on those around you. It is the biggest level of impact. When someone is struggling, in whatever way that may be, your acts of understanding and assistance can help to turn the situation around and ideally, make them a lot better. 

On the other hand, compassion also can have a major impact on the one who is demonstrating it. Making someone feel better, in turn, can make you feel better. Showing up, and being there for others is a very positive thing. These feelings reflect back onto the compassion-shower. It’s a win-win!

How You Can Show Compassion

As mentioned above, compassion has a unique way of having positive impacts both mentally, and physically. Each situation is greatly different, but the bare bones of what you can do for those in your life typically remain the same. Here are some ways that you can demonstrate compassion both through your actions and through your words. 

Showing Compassion Through Your Actions

The best way to show compassion for others is through your own actions. Of course, every situation is different, but there are many common ways that you can demonstrate this to others through your actions.

  • Connect with those who are struggling. Give them a call, go for a coffee with them, keep them company, and ask them questions about their situation.
  • Get involved. Offer to physically lend a hand (if the situation bears it) and assist with the problem(s) at hand.
  • Communicate with them and ask how you can best show your support. Whether that be by spreading the word, helping to raise funds, or even just providing an empathic understanding.

Situations vary, both good and bad, which is a huge reason why showing compassion is uniquely demonstrated in different ways.

Showing Compassion Through Your Words

Speaking of uniqueness, compassion really is just that in which, sometimes you can show it through just your words. Speaking up, being there, and spreading awareness about an unpleasant situation can show the receiving end that you care. This expression of care shows to them that they are not alone in what they are facing. It shows them that others are there for them and with them in spirit.

Learning Compassion Through Martial Arts

In the dojo, our senseis teach a bounty of lessons each and every day. One of those also happens to be, you guessed it, compassion. This is both developed naturally, and taught through our workbook lessons.

Karate is known to have a ‘we are all in this together’ logic and mindset. This comes through naturally in the successes of the group, and the falls of the group. Regardless of which, the act of feeling for others is prevalent. In other words, the act of compassion.

You can learn more about the Douvris Martial Arts programs online. We are happy to offer 4 levels of karate programs, and more for nearly 40 years. 

Final Notes:

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